Effective and safe oils require constant research. Independent analyzes of experts confirm the quality of our products.


Full Spectrum hemp oils offered are tested against a cannabinoid profile.

Additionally, a third-party laboratory verifies the products against any presence of heavy metals and microbiological particles. Below is a summary of the test results for each batch of products. The oils with concentrations of 12% to 30% are made on the basis of Full Spectrum 6% CBD+CBDA oil.


CBD oil

CBD oil 6%

20211012_Cosma_FS0610Download PDF

CBD oil 12%

20210825_Cosma_FS1210Download PDF

CBD oil 18%

20210908_Cosma_FS1810Download PDF

CBD oil 24%

20210820_Cosma_FS2410Download PDF

CBD oil 30%

20210825_Cosma_FS3010Download PDF

CBG oil

CBG oil 9%

20210908_Cosma_FS_CBG_0910Download PDF

CBG oil 15%

20211012_Cosma_FS_CBG_1510Download PDF

CBD paste

CBD paste 36%

20210831_Cosma_FS3610Download PDF

CBD paste 42%

20210921_Cosma_FS4210-1Download PDF

CBD dry

CBD dry 4%

20211019_Cosma_Susz_CBD_(size T) 14,05,21 PLDownload PDF

CBD dry 8%

20211019_Cosma_Susz_CBD_(size 1) 14,05,21 PLDownload PDF




Cosma _CC_Balans_Stany_Zapalne_badanieDownload PDF


20210820_Cosma_CC_BalansDownload PDF

FORTE balance

Cosma _CC_Balans_Forte_badanieDownload PDF